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GOLD standardized architecture is divided into three levels
From a bottom up approach, the system starts at the cell level, which referred as BMM, also known as Slave BMS. The second level is the rack level, which referred as BCM, also known as Master BMS. Generally placed in the high voltage box. Lastly, all the racks connected form a “battery string” are controlled by the ESMU, which is the third level. 
The three-level architecture is generally used for Commercial storage system, but also provides secondary architecture for small and medium-sized enterprises, shopping malls, schools, parks,  etc. And  all-in-ones architecture for Residential storage system.

key Technology
1500V system
Active Balancing System

Suitable for DC 1500V energy storage system
Insulation, withstand voltage up to DC4500V, strong anti-interference ability
Communication rate within the cells in rack over 400S, real-time response
The balance strategies solves the battery consistency problem and improves the battery cycle life by more than 15%
More safe, more reliable, more sensitive, more flexible

key Technology
3 Level
Distributed System Architecture

It is the first real distributed BMS, completely breaking the original concept of BMS and returning BMS to the essence of battery sensor. At the same time, it has the advantages of product standardization, low cost of mass production, strong system compatibility and comprehensive functions.

key Technology
Diagnosis Technology.

The concept of SOS (State of Safety) is proposed for the first time to realize the quantitative safety evaluation of BMS.The voltage and temperature of each cell were monitored, and the SOS assessment was given by combining SOC、SOH、 R 、ΔR、T、ΔT. By establishing the discriminant model of battery failure and thermal runaway, the evaluation parameters are given in time. SOS is divided into 10 grades, 0~10, corresponding to the out-of-control warning at all levels. Alarms are generated to enable the control system to take necessary protection actions, which greatly improves system security.

key Technology
2 way
Active Balancing Technology

Based on a variety of battery information (voltage, capacity, SOC, etc.) balancing strategy, chip level active balancing and perfect protection strategy. Two-way directional capacity transfer from high point to low point (cell to cell) is realized. The performance of cells in the rack converges from both sides to the middle, and the balancing efficiency is up to 95%.Ensure that the active balancing is stable and reliable, and the cost is optimal.

key Technology

Original self-learning SOX diagnosis algorithm, the system adaptive to different types of battery, current conditions, and temperature environment. Combined with data extraction, curve matching, data interpolation, feature inflection point, Kalman and other algorithms. With high convergence and robustness, it can actively capture the unbalance between batteries caused by battery attenuation and self-discharge, realize the output of battery status parameters, and ensure the status of the battery in the full life cycle.

about gold

Gold Electronic Equipment INC. was founded in 1998, which is a high-tech enterprises specialize on R&D and manufacturing of the battery detection equipment and Battery Management System(BMS). The company is committed to the research of the application characteristics and capacity analysis for different types of batteries. The innovation of battery balancing with the reversible energy transfer balance (RETB) technology can make the BMS have higher balancing efficiency, thereby improve battery performance and provide longer service life. The innovation in the diagnosis of battery capacity can increase the accuracy of the SOC calculation. The company have more than 80 patents of BMS in China, USA and Japan, products have obtained the international certifications such as TUV, UL, CE ,IEC and CCS, 1000 PPM reliability guarantee. These products and system solutions can be applied at electric vehicles, residential and commercial Storage System.

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